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Bowlegs School Offers Special Services - Child Find

Bowlegs Public School is looking for all children with exceptional needs between the ages of birth and 21 year olds who have not received 12 years of education and who are residents of the Bowlegs School District.

Bowlegs Public School ensures that Special Education and related services will be provided to those who qualify for:


Autism                                                        AU                        
Specific Learning Disability                            SLD

Deaf-Blindness                                             D-B                       
Speech or Language Impairment                    SI

Deafness                                                     D          
Traumatic Brain Injury                                  TBI     

Hearing Impairment                                     HI                          
Development Delays                                     DD

Intellectual Disabilities                                  ID                         
Emotional Disturbances                                ED

Multiple Disabilities                                      MD                       
Orthopedic Impairment                                OI

Visual Impairment                                       VI                         
Other Health Impairments                            OHI


            The following may be provided to those who qualify: Screening, education and related services evaluation; individual education programming, related services such as speech therapy; and referral to other agencies for assistance.


For more information contact:   Sammye Davis,
                                              HS Principal/Special Ed. Coordinator


                                                Address: PO BOX 88, Bowlegs, OK 74830

                                                Telephone: 405-398-4172 ext. 100